Stories about the Missing and Murdered Women of the Canadian Northwest
Road to Ruin
East Side Easy
  Wildwoods Child
Book Two:
Nora Macpherson's posting to Brandenhoff  Available TBA 
Book Three:
Nora Macpherson goes undercover in the city
Available TBA

Book One:  
Nora Macpherson's first posting in Moose Forks . 

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Although this video from the TV program "48 Hours" focuses on the disappearances of two non-indigenous girls from Vanderhoof, BC, it does provide a look at the scope of the problem. The attitude of the RCMP personnel seems somehow disinterested in the larger problem involving the disappearances of First Nations women and girls.

This video from the TV program "Dark Minds" is rather sensationalistic in its approach, but at least it spends some time focusing on the disappearances and murders of several of the indigenous victims.

                          Book One:
              WILDWOODS CHILD


D.D. Gillespie is a teacher, writer and traveller who has spent several years in the area where these stories are set. She loves the people and the spirit of the wild country and hopes to awaken the awareness of others to the beauty and potential of life outside urban centers. She is especially concerned about the fate of the many people, most of them First Nations women,  who have gone missing in the Canadian northcountry during the last forty years under mysterious circumstances.
Nora Macpherson is a rookie RCMP constable on her first assignment to Moose Forks, a ranching and logging community tucked into a wilderness landscape of snow-capped mountains, dense coniferous forests and glacial lakes and rivers. As one of the first-ever female Mounties, Nora must contend with the biases of some of her male colleagues as well as the social isolation of being a law enforcement officer in a small town. She befriends a young teacher, Abby Clarke, whose problem student, Tess Talbot, involves them in a search for answers to an old puzzle. Solving this mystery awakens Nora to the realization that there are many other unsolved disappearances haunting the northcountry.

       Book Two:

Nora's move down the highway to Vanderhoof separates her from  her new found love interest, Constable Luke Gallagher, but reveals  the heartwrenching story of  generations of First Nations children lost or damaged because of their treatment at the  local Residential School.  Her search for answers takes her into the complex  workings of band politics on the local  reserve  and into the dark secrets of the missionary order responsible for the running of the school.  Her investigations unsettle the uneasy status-quo in the little community and lead to an unforgettable destruction.